lifethreads for a Better Life

What is it that we do the longest? Live our lives, of course! Our outlook on life is moulded by our family, teachers, friends and the society. We inherit the values, the culture and the religion of our family. For most of us, our education on life starts early as do's and dont's, the good and the bad, the norms and the rules for us to follow. During this education, we selectively imbibe some lessons, at times filtering some, forgetting some and modifying some as per our convenience. We do so because we are not formally tested on the subject called life!

The majority of us take life as an adventure, exploring and discovering it with each of our experience, attaining the knowledge and wisdom with age.

All of us also have a deep desire to change our lives for better.The truth is our life changes when we change. The good news is that the human mind and body are ever-changing. Consciously this change can be tapped and regulated to attain personal growth and a better life.

Our aim here is to introduce you to some of the important components of life in the form of life threads, which can be selectively imbibed by you during the process of change to weave a new life. We cannot change our past, but we can initiate changes in the present for a better future.