All of us have a deep desire to change our lives for better. We cannot change our past, but we can initiate changes in the present for a better future. The truth is our life changes when we change. The good news is that the human mind and body are ever-changing. Consciously this change can be tapped and regulated to attain a better life.

We can tap this change consciously by striving to have a better understanding of the important aspects of life, by enhancing our awareness and finally by tacking suitable actions in the right direction. The site will give you a fresh perspective on life by exposing you to some of the important life threads. It is recommended that you absorb the idea behind a life thread, reflect and relate it to your life, make choices and action plan to implement it and then execute the action plan.

While making choices it is recommended that you listen to the voice of your conscience. Also remember life is a marathon and not a sprint, hence the action plan set by you should be progressive. To start with incorporate small manageable changes as you succeed you would gain momentum in the right direction.