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lifethreads Reflect On Career

My values are in sync with those of the organisation.
I plan, prioritize and organize my work.
My priorities are in sync with those of the management.
I channelize my energy on important issues and do a quality work on them.
I ensure that my timing for execution is correct.
At the workplace my work speaks!
I am always updating the relevant knowledge and skills.
My presentation skills are good.
I leverage my strengths to my advantage.
My personal conduct at the work place is good and professional.
I am always abreast with the latest developments in my field of work.
I am aware of the company / office dynamics.
My ideas and opinions are appreciated and given due consideration.
I am always part of the solution and not of the problem.
I can tolerate ambiguity.
I can function even in absence of orders and instructions.
I take reasonable risks.
I take on additional responsibilities when required.
I am ever expanding my personal network at the workplace.