Understanding People

An insight into the human mind and behaviour is what helps us to know people. Half the ability to keep relationships alive is based on our knowledge of what makes the people tick and being sensitiv to their needs. Understanding people becomes easier if we try to pick up their feelings, needs and behaviour patterns. This experience gained during our study of our fellow beings enhances our understanding .

An individual is always central to their own life. Their experiences, knowledge, outlook, beliefs and values being the core of who they are. Education, upbringing, living environment and cultural heritage complete the whole package.

While we would expect people of similar backgrounds, culture and opportunities to be rather uniform, mostly it is not so. Individuals differ. The personality of each is unique depending upon their basic traits and responses.

Despite the individuality, human needs are very basic and common. Everyone wants love, respect, recognition, happiness and security. It takes little to take care of these basic needs of the people in our life and forge happy relationships.