Good relationships are our biggest assets. Good relationships with key people in any field will promote our success. These are those relationships which are either an inseparable part of our lives or the ones which directly influence it.

Each relationship is unique and it throws upon us a role which we are expected to play. Most of these roles are well-defined by the society. These roles are all opportunities for us to learn and grow. To fare well in any role in life we have to put in sincere effort.

Relationships have scope in terms of expectations and demands that can be placed upon them. For most relationships to be successful we should follow the norms laid down by the society or negotiate acceptable rules and common ground.

Relationships are governed by needs and expectations. Each relationship has some core issues. For the relationship to be successful the mutual needs have to be fulfilled in addition to building and maintaining positive bridge with the other person.

If the mutual expectations for the core issue are in sync then the relationship flourishes. Conflict may arise when the real needs are not perceived or communicated correctly. We, at times, do not clearly express our expectations and assume they would be understood and fulfilled automatically. When they are not, we feel bad. To avoid these misunderstandings and heartburn clear and timely communication is very important. Before taking any action we need to reflect on its consequence on the relationship. This will help in making decisions critical to maintaining a good relationship.