Interactions are essential for social existence and for pursuit of our life goals. We should make it a habit to take initiative and build bridges by extending courtesy, warmth and respect during our interactions. The bridges strengthen when we are well behaved, pleasant, patient and tactful. By building bridges we gain goodwill and also facilitate staying connected to each other, extending or receiving help anytime needed. These transactions, when mutually benefitting, further strengthen the relationship.

We should also sell ourselves positively and learn to make the people open up to us. The idea is a person should feel good in our company and should seek it often. During interactions, we should also consciously control our own emotions and behaviour to be positive because the same emotions get mirrored in the person we are interacting with.

An interaction should hold the promise of fulfilment for it to be meaningful. In relationships for meeting our needs and personal interests we should neither be passive and nor aggressive. There has to be a balance where we are firm with our requirements and concerned with others needs.

During interactions social niceties are important. Small things like wishing the other person with warmth and enthusiasm, wishing them on their birthdays, anniversaries or on their personal successes are all small but important gestures. Being thoughtful during interactions is another key people skill which we must develop

Hence all our interactions should be focused towards generating goodwill and building positive bond with people as a matter of habit. Effort has to be to always to get people on our side of the fence and ill will and misunderstandings are to be avoided at all costs. Whenever warranted show appreciation and gratitude.