Through communication emotions, information, ideas, experiences, and expectations are exchanged. Majority of the communication during any interaction is nonverbal through which we signal our intentions and attitude. Nonverbal communication is through the body language, expressions and gestures, and is a fair indicator of a persons state of mind and true response. We must, hence, try to be conscious of the body language we project. This is easy to achieve if we understand that nonverbal communication manifests directly from our thoughts, attitudes and desires.

Communication should be kept relevant, meaningful and interesting. If we are not clear about the interests of the other person, then we should try to probe and search for common ground.

A good listener is a good communicator. During verbal communication we should pay undivided attention to the speaker. When we do so we clearly understand and remember what has been said and can immediately grasp any points of confusion and clarify. Also, it is easier to pick up on the non-verbal cues and emotions. Let the other finish without interrupting. When we want to convey something we need to do it in direct words rather than talk in hints or riddles. It is a good idea to be careful and considerate when you need to convey personal and sensitive issues.

Negotiation is a very important form of communication, mastery of which makes life a lot easier. Good grasp and comprehensive knowledge of the subject under scrutiny makes communication and negotiation much more effective. Clarity of thoughts ensures clear messages.

Cultivation of good manners and a positive body language add to your communicating skills, helping the exchange to be pleasant and non- confrontational, hence, more likely to yield desired results. Writing, too, is an important tool of communication, as is appropriate usage of multimedia platforms. Keeping your facts in place, ensuring that they are clear, concise and relevant and presenting them in an interesting manner make for meaningful communication on all portals. Good written content, additionally, requires a fair mastery over the language and form. Be logical, divide the matter into heads and subheads, there after develop your arguments.

Polish social conversation skills by being well read, well-informed, observant and patient. And , most importantly, think twice before you speak !