If you are a student then your priority at this stage of life has to be to study and to gain knowledge. Academic qualifications and performance gained now will stay with you throughout your life. Thus, it becomes imperative that this time is optimally utilised to lay a sound foundation for future life.A suggested routine is given below you can tweak the same as per your requirements.

Suggested Routine
  • Get hold of the academic session time table.
  • In the mornings, do fast reading for the classes for that day. At the end of such reading recall the core issue and key points from the chapters you have read.
  • In the class be focused, try to understand and assimilate what is being taught and take short notes.
  • In the afternoons or evenings, read what was taught during the day, finalise your notes and prepare for the next day.
Time Optimisation
  • When you are taking a walk or travelling in a car ( not when you are driving !) recall what you have studied during the day.
  • During a holiday or weekend do revision.
  • See films, documentaries related to your subjects during your leisure time.
Tips for deliberate reading
  • Firstly grasp the main idea or theme of the book.
  • See how the subject has been divided into various chapters.
  • Pay attention to key points in each of the chapter.
  • Read, correlate and reflect while reading each chapter.
  • Recall the core issue and key points of each chapter after reading it.
  • If required make notes during such recall process. While making such notes write the relevant headings, sub headings and any facts given in the chapter.
  • Deal with doubts at the earliest, seek help.