What to Study

Most of the jobs require some formal qualification or specialisation. Either we have to seek a job based on our qualification or we have to acquire the relevant qualifications. For a job or a self started venture, knowledge acquired is helpful when it is relevant and put to use.

Choosing subjects
  • The qualification should get you the desired career.
  • It should contribute towards your professional growth.
  • You should preferably have aptitude for the subject.

Choosing an Institution

  • Option could be between taking admission in a regular university or doing a correspondence course in case you are already working and need to upgrade your qualifications.
  • Check the accreditation of the institution and the particular course.
  • You would have to weigh various factors like proximity, time, ease of admission, availability of your subjects, reputation and placements while making your choice.

Study Material

  • Read prescribed books, authentic and latest study material related to the syllabus for concentrated studies and focused learning.
  • Supplement with related reading, when time permits, to broaden the perspective.