Believe you can learn easily. Visualise yourself achieving all the milestones and the final aim. A positive mindset is a powerful tool and aids in zooming you forward.


Create a calm, decluttered and distraction free environment for your studies. Mind space, too, needs to be freed. At times pressing family matters, events or relationship issues consume your mind and drive you away from your path. It is important you identify your personal commitment, accept it and give it the requisite time and attention. Thereafter, be professional and focus singularly on your studies. Understand the importance of timing in your life.


You need to set high but realistic targets. Prepare a reasonable road map for you to acquire the requisite qualification.


Learn the art of rapid reading, it helps in the initial grasping of the subject matter. Learn to write in a concise fashion, to the point and fast. Do not study for marathon stretches. Halt, refuel and replenish before you move on. The key is to maintain a routine and a timetable which is sustainable .Be absolutely regular in sticking to it. Form study groups if they suit, being very particular about time allocation , punctuality and output .Whenever a particular method or approach hits a dead end do not fear to engage the back gear, reroute and move on.


Ensure you are fresh and rested .Eat healthy and light.Incorporate regular physical activity to keep the body and mind revved up. Though abandoning all social life and entertainment is not possible, remember your time is precious, spend It wisely.


Draw on the experiences and successful qualities of the people you appreciate or wish to emulate. A mentor can guide you and even draw out the best in you.