Time Management

Time is one of the most precious and limited resource available with us. We cannot save it, we can not accumulate it but we can make the best of it by utilizing it well.

Our broad time plan should set aside adequate time for pursuit of our goals, self development and the routine daily activities.We should make our own daily schedule and stick to it.The daily schedule must give more time to the important activities and should cut down on the non essentials.

One word of caution, avoid having a tight schedule or lengthy to do lists for the day. Make it a habit of doing important things first and only one thing at a time. If for some reason we are not able to follow our schedule we should not get perturbed but should revisit it to identify the causes and to see if it is realistic and workable.

We should also understand the importance of breaks and personal time. We require time alone to introspect, reflect, decide and choose. Personal time on a regular basis is also required for monitoring our progress and direction in life to ensure we are not deviating and to incorporate mid course corrections if required. Finally we require regular breaks and personal time to recharge and rebuild. Hence we should cater for personal time daily for these activities also.

To gain more time each day for important activities we can resort to the following

  • Watch less television.
  • Use scheduling software or planner for daily activities.
  • Delegate routine repetitive tasks where feasible.
  • Hire professional help for mundane personal tasks.
  • Take regular breaks to organise your thoughts, update the to-do list and to declutter the environment.

We can optimise time when we live with awareness .This is because, we can easily ensure that the timing part of all our activities is correct and also we do not miss out on any essentials.We live with awareness when our mind is focused on the present, is sharp and in sync with the environment.

We can also ensure more quality time per day when we follow a healthy lifestyle and routine. Our body becomes more energetic and the mind sharper.This effects both the quality and quantity of output which we produce.