Handling Stress

Stress is the pressure felt by us when there is either a change in our environment with which we have to cope or when we have to meet a demand placed on us.This stress prepares our body for response. If we feel we can handle the change and cope with the demand, we feel good and the body gets ready for action. In the process we tap the stress constructively. However, if the demands are perceived as greater than what we can handle we feel bad, frustrated and even exhausted.

Thus, the nature of stress depends upon our perceived capability to respond and cope with the real life situation or the demand placed on us. Stress by itself is neither good nor bad, however perpetual state of stress linked with negative feelings is harmful for the body.

The first step, thus,to cope with stress is to accept the changed situation. If our self esteem is high and we strongly believe in ourselves and our capabilities to cope, change or handle the situation , we will handle the stress well.

If we understand this then it is easy for us to understand that our self expectations should be realistic. Also, we should cultivate the habit of saying No to the not- so- important activities to decongest our schedule. If we do not do so, we would feel frustrated when facing conflicting demands at the same time.For the very same reason, setting priorities and delegating tasks is also helpful

To deal with stress we must develop the virtues of patience, positive attitude and adaptability. We should take adequate rest, carry out regular exercise and keep our mind healthy and self esteem high.