Handling Situations

How we react to a situation totally depends on what we have learnt over a period of time. However, if required these reactions can be changed with firm resolve and practice.

Firstly, we have to get into the habit of avoiding undesirable situations. If we are yet to learn people skill, have not learnt how to deal with own emotions and do not possess clarity of mind, we inadvertently get trapped in avoidable situations.

In an undesirable situation, we instinctively attack others or defend ourselves, deteriorating the situation further. The right question to ask ourselves is : What is at stake and would I be happy to get involved into this? To minimise ugly situations in our lives, we should learn to deal with our own emotions and ask ourselves the right questions.

When we do get into a sticky situation, we should, firstly, accept it while remaining emotionally stable. Instead of getting bogged down by the why me or why this, we must develop the habit of remaining calm and thinking the best way out.Something that has happened can not be undone but corrective steps can be taken to bring the situation back under our control.

This involves, firstly, remaining cool in a crisis situation, thinking about the future course of action, influencing and convincing the parties involved and then, moving ahead without getting emotionally bogged down or getting into the blame game.

We should also develop the virtues of patience, positive attitude, adaptability and of remaining focused towards the task in hand.