Decision Making

Decision making is an integral part of our day to day living. Decision making process involves identifying a problem, choosing the desired outcome or aim of decision making, gathering relevant facts, generating reasonable alternatives and finally choosing an appropriate alternative or course of action out of the many available alternatives.

While taking a decision we have to be clear as to why we are taking the decision, what is the core issue or the problem and what is the desired outcome.We have to then gather relevant facts and generate reasonable alternatives which would address the core issue and would take us closer to our desired outcome.If the outcome of some of the alternatives is not very clear, then we must visualise the various likely outcomes and as to how they can impact our life subsequently. To make the final choice we can have our own set of guiding parameters and can weigh each alternative against them.

We should not take decisions in haste but deliberate over them to ensure they are sound and achieve the objective set by us. If the decision which we are making would affect others then we should ensure we make it with consensus to ensure its successful implementation.

Appropriate decisions related to key issues of our life would be beneficial. Hasty decisions can become cause of misery later. If required we can consult our elders or professionals and seek their opinion. However, we must take responsibility of all decisions taken by us and live by them.

Sound decision making is a skill which we must practice and make it a habit of our day to day living. We must understand that when we dont take decisions life happens to us, but when we start taking decisions we feel in control and write our own destiny.