Mind is the tool with which we write our life script. It can be the weakest or the strongest part of our body. Our connection with the world is through our mind. It is in our minds that we perceive our world generating emotions and thoughts leading to actions. The shaping of our real world also starts with the shape of thoughts in our mind.

Thus the thoughts in our mind are very important as they directly affect our lives. It is important that our thoughts be positive, relevant and helpful rather than being negative and confusing. This can be done if we sincerely try to control them, block them and cultivate them at our own will.

In life we have desires. If we are positive and feel that one day we will possess what we desire then we sure do so. This happens because we then consistently work to achieve what we desire and give it our best shot. When in life, we think like a victim and feel that life wont be fair to us, that is exactly what happens as we dont fully attempt it because of the negative distractions in our mind. In life choice is ours to zip to our destination with the power of our mind or to live with the brakes on. Remember we attract all good things with positive attitude, so we should always wear one.

We should keep the mind focused in the present, let it dwell a little in future and at times let it escape to the past to dwell on good memories .If we can do this then we can achieve a lot in our lives. Under no circumstances we should allow our mind to get trapped in the negative experiences of our past or to create and fight imaginary demons of future.

Mind absorbs and is open to suggestions hence we should feed it positive thoughts and guard it well. We should make it strong so that it ceases to be sensitive and is capable of treating any life situation as a fact and not as a crisis. To nourish and keep it healthy we must cultivate good company, read good books, carry out positive visualisations and positive auto suggestions on a regular basis. Remember, with the eyes of mind, what we see is what we get! So we must always keep our mind positive, organized and focused.