We all love to live an emotional life as emotions give colour and drive to our life. The mantra is to learn to enhance and flow with positive emotions and drop the baggage of the not so pleasant ones.

The positive emotions give us wings where as the negative ones like anger, jealousy, grudge and self pity weigh us down. Hence we should never carry the load of negative emotions as they impede our life and can break us down.

Some people tap the negative emotions to give them drive for a cause or resolve.This can be dangerous if the negative energy spirals out of control then it can corrode us from within.

To avoid the baggage of negative emotions, where possible, we should minimise or avoid the situations or people who generate negative emotions in us. When unavoidable, with awareness we can decipher as to how a situation is developing and can take necessary steps to prevent escalation and to shape the desired outcome.

Also, we should engross ourselves in positive activities or engage with people who make us feel good. In life we should also accept our mistakes and forgive people who have wronged us.