Our opinions on various issues are based upon our perception of the world. At times we take these opinion of ours to be true without even trying to verify the facts. Over a period of time these opinions become our beliefs. We can thus say beliefs are our assumptions about various aspects of life including the self.

They affect the way we feel about ourselves or things in general. If we are not careful, they can restrict us in life, however if carefully chosen and nurtured the same can become our strength. By introspection we can find out our mental shackles which hold us back and prevent us from living our life to the full.


Our values stem from our beliefs. Some of the important beliefs become our guiding principles and establish our desirable standards in life. They set the limits for our ethical behaviour influencing our perceptions, decisions and actions. We value them and follow them, they become our values.

A set of values may belong to society, organisation, group or an individual. The individual values when dominant reflect in the personality. Values give meaning to our life and influence it to a great extent.

In case of conflict between values and interests, if the values are compromised then it lowers the self-esteem and induces feeling of guilt.

A person does well in an environment where his individual set of values are in sync with those of the society where he lives or the organisation where he works.