Know Self

All of us want to change our lives for better. To initiate the change it is imperative that we first know ourselves well. Our strengths, weakness, perception, thought process have to be clear to us only then can we start a meaningful transition to achieve a better us, to lead a better life.

Here, we will guide you to carry out introspection in relation to some key aspects of life. To make the best out of this tool it is recommended you read the various issues sequentially.Read each line deliberately, see for yourself how the aspect is applicable in your life and how you would want it to be.

Also, we get a better understanding of ourselves when we question the motives behind our own thoughts, actions and behaviour. Our self knowledge also helps us to understand others and build positive relations.

Self introspection will help you to understand as to how you relate to a particular issue and during the self development process will assist you in appropriating the right time and focus towards it.