When we achieve our goal we are successful, it can be getting fame, money, winning over competition or discharging our duties.

The first step required to achieve success is to define it. Different people have different ideas and perceptions about success. Before we embark on our journey to seek success, we must clearly know what it is. Our chosen goal should preferably be in sync with our core values and desires close to our heart. Also, it needs to be analysed and broken down into smaller steps relating to different time lines. The focus on the goal has to be maintained constantly.

We should also believe from our heart that we deserve the success and that we shall achieve it. Belief is a powerful tool which magnifies our potential and capabilities to achieve the targets set by us. Faith, again, is a powerful tool which we must employ as it gives us inner strength and resolve to tide over setbacks. It prevents small frustrations from turning into major obstacles during our pursuit of success. It helps to keep our outlook positive.

We can reach destination only when we start. Most of us in life know the answers to our problems; it is only when we translate these answers to action do we get the desired results. After making our plans we must put them to action. We need to keep working on our action plan gathering momentum with time. Perseverance is a quality which keeps us in action. It keeps us moving in spite of obstacles or boredom hence we should cultivate this quality in us, also we must find our own motivation to pursue success.

Though being contended in life is a good quality, it surely is enemy number one of success. During our pursuit of success there should be no stage where we become contended with life before achieving success. During the journey we would also meet with failures. When it happens, we should take lessons and apply corrective measures. We should also remember that when we say yes to something which is not taking us closer to our goal then we are dissipating our time and energy.