Goal Setting

Why to set Goal
  • How would it be if we embarked on a journey not knowing where to go? Goal setting gives:-
    • Vision and meaning to life.
    • Provides direction keeping us focused and motivated.
    • Helps us to contribute meaningfully in our chosen field.
    • Leads us to achievements.
How to select a Goal
  • To start with, we should define and quantify the various aspects of our life as to how they are and how we would want them to be.
    • Success in profession
    • Health
    • Wealth
    • Status/Fame
    • Power
    • Intellectual growth
    • Relations and social responsibilities.
    • Happiness
  • Now we need to reflect upon which is the most important aspect on which other aspects of our life are hinged. We can consider setting a life goal related to that particular aspect.
  • We then need to visualise the desired end state along with a realistic time line as related to the goal under consideration.
  • Now, we need to choose a particular way based on our individual traits, strengths and interest to pursuit our goal. This is important because then our intrinsic strengths work for us.
  • This chosen role we have to develop and play to perfection. We need to acquire relevant skills, knowledge, and capabilities.
  • We also need to visualise the various way points which would takes us closer to our goal.Next step is to arrange all the way points as per time lines. When we do it our life map emerges which shows us our immediate, mid term and long term targets/goals.