Life Policy

Majority of the decisions we are forced to take are of routine or repetitive nature. If not tackled properly, they can clutter up our mind and distract us from the important things. To ensure that every time we dont have to start the decision making process afresh, we can lay out our personal guiding principles and choices for such kind of decisions as part of our lifepolicy.

Life policy, then, becomes a broad framework within which we live our lives. When we choose and live within the framework of this policy, we live with clarity and our life becomes much simpler. This happens as the time taken and stress linked with day to day decision making is obviated. We get more quality time each day and become more consistent in our actions.

We can choose life policy for various important aspects of our life such as:-

  • Dealing with the self.
  • Dealing with others.
  • Health.
  • Education.
  • Career.
  • Finances.
  • Entertainment.

Our carefully chosen life policies give us strength and a perspective to live with. When we chalk out a framework, practice and follow it then most of the things start falling into place in our lives.