Key Issues

When we achieve our goal we are successful, it can be getting fame, money, winning over competition or discharging our duties. The first step required to achieve success is to define it. Different people have different ideas and perceptions about success. Before we embark on our journey to seek success, we must clearly know what it is.

To achieve anything in life we have to keep moving in the right direction gaining momentum. If we are direction less than we may move a lot but not cover much distance and in the process we would loose precious time and get left behind.

The two important resources which nature has given us are limited in nature , time and energy. To do anything we require them. If we dont plan and prioritise their use we may waste them unknowingly.

We can effectively harness these resources by focusing our efforts and energy on priority issues to propel us in the desired direction.Hence it is essential that we set goals to pursuit.

The first step required to be taken to set the right direction is to know our final destination. When we are in the know of our final destination and the start point then we can easily chart a route for us to take.

The final destination is nothing but our visualised perspective of what we want to be and as to how we want the key issues of our life to manifest. The start point relates to who we are today and the route is our planned blueprint for life which we have to follow to reach our final destination.

Life policy, is the broad framework within which we live our lives. When we choose and live within the framework of this policy, we live with clarity and our life becomes much simpler giving us more time for pursuit of our goals.