Fitness Targets

We can achieve fitness by running, gymming, workouts, games, stretching or by doing yoga. We can benefit from any of these when we do it regularly. Higher level of fitness contributes immensely towards a happy and healthy life.

In our pursuit of fitness, we should set gradual targets. The level of fitness of any two persons is different hence it is important that we correctly assess our capabilities and then device a suitable plan for ourselves . While choosing our targets we must consider our current health, age and level of fitness. The setting and attainment of small achievable targets keeps us motivated and on the right track.

sample targets
  • Learn Yoga.
  • Learn to swim .
  • Loose weight- one kilogram in a month.
  • Walk 5 kilometers in one hour.
  • Run 5 Kilometers in 25 minutes.
  • Participate in a marathon.