Dealing with people

People skills form one of the most basic traits of the personality and vary amongst individuals. While remaining true to your innate self pay attention to your interactions with people at the workplace. Initiate all your dealings with an open and receptive mind, humane behaviour and professionalism.

Your Juniors
  • Always strive to have a happy and motivated team.
  • Involve your team in decision making .
  • Boost the self esteem of your juniors.
  • Be genuinely interested in the growth of your juniors and have genuine concern for them.
  • Always counsel in private and appreciate in public.
  • While counselling, convey the point tactfully.
  • Give a good reputation to your juniors to live up to.
  • Use the tool of praise to initiate a desirable change in people.
Your peers
  • Work on the spirit and belief of the team you are part of within the organisation.
  • Agree to disagree with others. Avoid arguments if they dont have a positive impact on the organisation.
  • Always extend cooperation.
  • Never judge your peers.
  • Be discreet and avoid loose talk.
  • When competing keep the competition healthy.
Your Boss
  • Know his action points and priorities.
  • Know his working style and thought process.
  • Keep him updated on a regular basis.
  • Prepare well before you discuss any issue.
  • Never put your boss in an embarrassing situation.
  • Never criticize your boss.
  • Be careful of overshadowing your boss.