Your Job

A career is built on the dreams and aspirations of the individual, over a substantial period of time, extracting from them a lot of commitment , hard work, smart work, good will and valuable output. The basic unit which forms a career is the job held by the individual at any given point in their life, every work experience, each designation forming the next rung up the ladder. It is very important that the job you choose aligns with your interests, abilities, values and life aspirations.

  • Know the job description and be clear as to how it translates for you.
  • Breakdown and organise your tasks as per their urgency and importance.
  • Follow a system to daily update and monitor your task list.
  • Keep track of pending tasks
  • Do your tasks on time and do them well.
  • Give daily feedback.
  • Know the nuances of your juniors jobs and learn that those of your boss.
  • Learn the relevant skill and expand your capabilities.
  • Push yourself-Increase your comfort level in terms of work & responsibilities.
  • Take on additional responsibilities and associated risks.
  • Take initiative and provide additional inputs, facts & ideas of interest to the management.